The End of Normal (book review)

The End of Normal reads like fiction. Stephanie Madoff does a beautiful job vindicating her late husband, Mark Madoff.  Her emotions are raw and honest, which makes this book very emotional and hard to put down. I have gained a lot of respect for Stephanie and I feel she has no reason to lie. Bernie Madoff not only stole from thousands of people, but he duped her own parents out of their savings as well. I’m sure that writing this book was not easy; she takes the reader into her very personal life and overwhelming loss. The love story she shared of her and Mark was beautiful, I’m just sad that she didn’t have the happy ending that so many of us get.

As far as Andrew Madoff and Ruth Madoff, I don’t believe they have any redeemable qualities. Stephanie’s account of the way Andrew treated Mark after his first suicide attempt is horrifying. More so, the way he acted after Mark’s death is worse.  Ruth’s unmovable devotion to the man that eventually took her son’s life is disgusting. I commend Stephanie for being openly candid and I highly recommend this book.


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